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Quit Smoking Now With The Help Of These Tips


Smoking not only affects your health, it affects you appearance. You will suffer from yellow teeth and fingernails, premature aging and thinning hair if you do not quit. All of these outward effects of smoking are nothing when compared to the fact that you are destroying your body from the inside out. You must know that you need to quit and the following tips can help you make that happen.

Your doctor is going to be a great starting point for information about quitting. He will know what the latest medications and aids are to help you quit smoking. He will also be able to assist you in putting together a diet plan that will help you avoid becoming overweight while you quit. Make an appointment with your doctor, tell him your plan to quit and really listen to what he is going to tell you.

Stress can make it very difficult to quit smoking. If you can, reduce the amount of stress you are exposed to on a daily basis. This is especially important during the early days of your quitting. As you learn to control the way you deal with stress, you will be able to handle more, but in the early days, you must do what you can to avoid it altogether. Learn about the different ways to cope with stress. You could start taking yoga classes, learn breathing techniques or even learn how to meditate to control the level of stress you feel.

You can find support groups online or in your home town. They are becoming more and more popular, as people learn the hazards of smoking and work to quit. You can learn quite a bit from the others in the group and share your trials with them. Sometimes, just talking about what you are going through with others going through the same trials can help tremendously. Do not let yourself get discouraged if you are not comfortable in the first group you attend. They are not all the same, so if you take the time to try another, you will likely find one that you can learn from and enjoy.

Stay as busy as possible, but do not overextend yourself. You want to keep your hands busy as well as your mind, but you do not want to take on too much, causing you more stress. Find a nice balance of activities and down time. You will need to get your rest, but you also do not want to allow your mind and body the time to talk you into lighting up a cigarette when you have a minute.

You are quitting for a reason, and most likely it is a good one. Keep telling yourself the reasoning behind your decision. If you can think of all of the things that have helped you come to the decision to quit, you will be able to stay more motivated and in a positive mindset.

You will be happy once you make it through the first few months. It can be hard, but you will be able to do it if you stay dedicated and positive about the benefits of quitting.