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Quitting Smoking: Aids Can Help But They Cannot Do It For You


Because so many people are trying to break the nicotine habit, there are many aids on the market to help you quit. These try to make cessation of using nicotine a slower, and therefore an easier process than quitting "cold turkey." This can be a great help, as sudden withdrawal of nicotine causes a reaction in the body--a reaction that sends many people right back to that pack of cigarettes. But there can be a drawback to these cessation aids. They can just become another dependency, helping you avoid taking full responsibility yourself. In the end, it is up to you and your own efforts.

Nicotine gum is something you can pull out of your pocket when a nicotine craving hits you. You can use it anywhere, including at work. It can be a real help, as long as you make it temporary, gradually decreasing your dependence on it. It is better than smoking, because it is not damaging your lungs. But if you continue to take in as much nicotine as when your smoked, you will not lose the cravings.

The nicotine patch provides a steady supply to your body. You can be busy with other things, driving or working, and not have to worry about getting out gum or an e-cigarette. But again, you have to decrease its use in order to overcome your nicotine cravings.

E-cigarettes were designed to allow you to keep doing the physical habits as if you were smoking, without actually taking smoke into your lungs. It was also designed to give the smoker a way to relieve nicotine cravings in areas where smoking is banned. But increasingly, e-cigarettes are also banned in non-smoking areas.

You want to strictly limit any of these aids that help you stop smoking. Continuing them too long only makes you dependent on them. You need to be aiming for a definite time when you stop putting nicotine into your body.
During the time when you are reducing nicotine cravings, you should at the same time be launching an overall effort to regain the good health cigarettes have taken away from you. This includes a healthy diet and supplements to bolster your immune system. Start an exercise program to rebuild healthy lungs. Learn breathing exercises that bring air deep into your lungs, hold it, then release toxins with the air you breathe out. Get aerobic exercise that increases circulation to your lungs. As soon as you stop smoking, your lungs begin to recover. But you want to give them all the help you can through diet and exercise.

Just as AA benefits recovering alcoholics, so can a support group help you stay on the path to recovery that you have charted out for yourself. Get friends and family to give you support and encouragement also.

Once you make a firm decision to quit smoking, cessation aids are only a temporary help, not something you are dependent on. Chart a clear course beyond the use of these aids, and you will be able to succeed in quitting smoking.