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Stop Smoking

Proven and Effective Tips to Help You Quit Smoking


Any ex-smoker will tell you that quitting is one of, if not the hardest thing that they have ever done. The reason that it is so tough for so many people is that they try to quit cold turkey, relying on their will power to overcome the physical addiction that they have established. Quitting smoking is something that is achievable for anyone, but beating a physical addiction requires persistence, patience and help.

Begin by having faith in yourself. You can quit, it is within your power. Believe it before you start it, and you will surely be successful.

Before you start whatever regimen or program you intend to complete, even if it simply quitting cold turkey, you need to write out a plan. Decide what your reaction will be if you have a craving. What do you plan to do? What will you do to take the place of a morning cigarette or an after meal smoke. If you do not have this plan set out before hand, you will lapse into the bad habit you are trying to quit. Put together a plan an you won't be caught off guard with no way to respond.

On a small piece of paper, write out all the reasons you are quitting. Whether it is for your health or for your family, whatever your reasons are, write them on a piece of paper and carry them with you. When you have a craving or feel like giving up, read these reasons and find strength and motivation renewed.

Ask your friends and family for help. If you are like most smokers, you associate with other smokers. If the people you associate with most often do smoke, you can ask them to avoid smoking in your presence. This will allow you to hank out without being tempted.

Talk to your doctor about what might be the best method for you to quit. Your doctor can prescribe drugs, or recommend a suitable regimen for you to follow. He can also provide you with information on what health improvements you can expect to help keep you motivated.

Start exercising. By exercising you remove the toxins from your system and provide your body a way of creating endorphin that will ease the physical addiction you are trying to overcome.

Don't try to quit cold turkey. Try quitting gradually by taking an account of how many you smoke on a normal day and then decreasing your consumption by one or two cigarettes each day. In just a month, you will have decreased your consumption by a pack a day. This is a far better way of quitting than cold turkey as it allows your body to decrease it's dependence on nicotine.

Hopefully, you now have a plan for you to quit smoking. Remember what a good thing you are doing for your family and friends. This will save you hundreds of dollars a month and will lengthen your life. Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do.